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The system of information providing of educational process in university

Andrukhiv Andriy, Tarasov Dmytro, Sokil Maria. The system of information providing of educational process in university //Modern problems of radio engineering, telecommunications and computer science (TCSET'2016):proc. of the XIII Intern. conf., Febr. 23-26, 2016, Lviv, Slavske, Ukraine/Min. of Education and Science of Ukraine, Lviv Polytechnic Nat. Univ..-Lviv,2016 .-P. 828-830 .-Bibliogr.: 2 titles.

A. Andrukhiv, D. Tarasov and M. Sokil, "The system of information providing of educational process in university," 2016 13th International Conference on Modern Problems of Radio Engineering, Telecommunications and Computer Science (TCSET), Lviv, 2016, pp. 828-830.

doi: 10.1109/TCSET.2016.7452197

Abstract: This paper describes using the literature recommendation system in educational process in Lviv Polytechnic National University.

keywords: educational aids; educational computing; recommender systems; educational process; information system; literature recommendation system; university education; Decision support systems; OPAC; information system; web-based library systems

To improve the quality of the educational process required to establish and manage worN to maintain educational process of educational and methodological literature, which is one of the urgent and important tasNs in the university libraries. Traditionally library solves this problem in two ways - quantitative and qualitative content of collection. In the quantitative approach, providing of literature is carried out according to accreditation requirements, which involve the purchase of literature in accordance with applicable regulations. Qualitative formation of the fund ...

Andrukhiv A., Tarasov D., Sokil M. The system of information providing of educational process in university // Cучасні проблеми радіоелектроніки, телекомунікацій, комп’ютерної інженерії : матеріали XIII Міжнародної конференції TCSET’2016 (Львів-Славсько, Україна; 23-26 лютого 2016). – 2016. – C. 828–830.

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